New York Baby Show


Spring has finally arrived, and here at NannyTrack we’ve spent the past few months freshening up our look for the new season! After three great years providing crucial information to moms and dads about their childcare candidates, we decided the time is right to let the world know all over again the important work we’re doing. Please join us this Saturday and Sunday, May 17 and 18, 2014 at the The New York Baby Show where we’ll be presenting along with lots of other business providing valuable services to parents of young children; look for the NannyTrack logo and come on over and say hi! Co-founders Leah Clarkson and Casey Drucker will be on hand to answer questions, explain our investigative process, and generally talk you through how to get started on your nanny background check. An added bonus?  Drop your email or business card off to enter a drawing for a FREE Nannytrack report—a $555 value.  See you at the show!



All photos courtesy of New York Baby Show

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